Selected Books

Monographs/Single Artist


Utter, Douglas Max. Julian Stanczak: Color and Form, Bonfoey Gallery


Westfall, Stephen. Julian Stanczak: Lineal Pathways, David Richard Contemporary

Costello, Eileen. Julian Stanczak: From Life, (Essay titled “Where Art Lies”) Mitchell-Innes & Nash

Smolińska, Marta. Julian Stańczak: Op art i dynamika percepcji (Op Art and the Dynamics of Perception), Muza, Poland


Stanczak, Julian. Julian Stanczak: Elusive Transparencies, David Richard Contemporary


Stanczak, Julian. Julian Stanczak: Color ∙ Grid, Danese Gallery


Hickey, Dave. Julian Stanczak, Danese Gallery

Houston, Joe, Ursula Korneitchouk and Frances Taft. Parallel Paths, Singular Quest: Barbara and Julian Stanczak, Cleveland Artists Foundation


Morgan, Robert C. Julian Stanczak, Construction and Color: Four Decades of Painting, Stefan Stux Gallery


Fyfe, Joe, Agnes Gund and Dave Hickey. Julian Stanczak: Master of Op Art, Stefan Stux Gallery


Wilson-Powell, MaLin. Julian Stanczak: Op Art Painting, McNay Museum of Art


Nill, Annegreth T. Julian Stanczak, Columbus Museum of Art


McClelland, Elizabeth. Julian Stanczak, Retrospective: 1948-1998, Butler Institute of American Art


Rand, Harry (poetry) and Julian Stanczak (images). Color/Color. Barbara Stanczak, editor

Shinners, Jacqueline and Rudolf Arnheim, Julian Stanczak: Color = Form, Dennos Museum Center, Northwestern Michigan College


Arnheim, Rudolf, Harry Rand, and Robert Bertholf. Julian Stanczak: Decades of Light, Poetry and Rare Book Collection, The University of Buffalo, N.Y.


Baro, Gene. Serigraphs and Drawings of Julian Stanczak 1970-1972, Corcoran Gallery of Art

Major Interview Transcripts


Karabenick, Julie. An Interview with Artist Julian Stanczak(1928-2017),


Sherwin, Brian. Art Space Talk: Julian Stanczak,


Rector, Neil K. Communicating in a Different Way: The Julian Stanczak Interviews, June 22-24, 2000


Barrie, Dennis. Oral History Interview with Julian Stanczak, September 17, 1974, Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution

Other Books/Publications


Diane Rosenstein Gallery. Julian Stanczak: March 19 - April 30, 2016, Diane Rosenstein Gallery, Los Angeles, California


Frank, Peter and David Eichholtz. Post Op: ‘The Responsive Eye’ Fifty Years After, David Richard Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Morgan, Robert. Geometric Obsession: American School 1965-2015, Museum of Contemporary Art Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Balken, Debra Bricker and Joe Houston. Edna Andrade, University of Pennsylvania Press

McNay Art Museum: 15 Years in Review: 1998-2012


Ormiston, Rosalind. 50 Art Movements You Should Know: From Impressionism to Performance Art, Prestel


Lind, Maria, ed. Abstraction (Whitechapel: Documents of Contemporary Art), MIT Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Timpano, Dr. Nathan. Pan American Modernism: Avant-Garde Art in Latin American and the United States, Lowe Art Museum, Miami, Florida


Lenz, Emily, New Materials, New Approaches, D. Wigmore Fine Art, New York, New York

Gioni, Massimiliano, Gary Carrion-Murayari and Megan Heuer, Ghosts in the Machine, Skira Rizzoli, New Museum, New York, New York

Houston, Joe, ed. Intercambio global, abstracción geométrica desde 1950 (A Global Exchange: Geometric Abstraction Since 1950). Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Maciuszko, Jerzy J. Poles Apart: The Tragic Fate of Poles During World War II.


Lenz, Emily,Structured Color, D. Wigmore Fine Art, New York, New York


Houston, Joe, Op Out of Ohio: The Anomima Group, Richard Anuszkiewicz, and Julian Stanczak in the 1960s, D. Wigmore Fine Art, New York, New York

Rubin, David S., Robert C. Morgan and Daniel Pinchbeck, Psychedelic: Optical and Visionary Art since the 1960s, MIT Press

Barrett, Terry, Making Art: Form and Meaning, McGraw-Hill, New York

McNay Art Museum—An Introduction, Scala Publishers

Culler, Rene, Glass Art from the Kiln, Schiffer Publishing Ltd., Pennsylvania

Madden, David and Nicholas Spike, Anuszkiewicz: Paintings & Sculptures 1945-2001, Centro Di, Florence, Italy


Kennedy, Brian and Emily Burke, Modern and Contemporary Art at Dartmouth: Highlights from the Hood Museum of Art, Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire


Schwartz, Constance and Franklin Hill Perrell, Pop & Op, Nassau County Museum of Art, Roslyn Harbor, New York

Houston, Joe, Four Optic Visionaries, D. Wigmore Fine Art, Inc., New York, New York


Houston, Joe, and Dave Hickey, Optic Nerve: Perceptual Art of the 1960s, Merrell Publishing, London

Morgan, Robert C., The Optical Edge, Pratt Institute Manhattan Gallery, New York, New York

Oklahoma City Museum of Art: Selected Paintings and Sculpture from the Collection

Shining Spirit: Westheimer Family Collection, Oklahoma City Museum of Art


Wu, Daw-An, How Perception Adheres Color to Objects and Surfaces: Studies Using Visual Illusions and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, PhD Thesis, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California

Rosenthal, T.G., Josef Albers, Formulation:Articulation, Thames &s; Hudson Ltd., London

Horowitz, Frederick A. and Brenda Danilowitz, Josef Albers: To Open Eyes, Phaidon, London

The Legacy Continues, 1997-2006, Art Museum of South Texas (Texas A&M University, Corpus Christie), Corpus Christie, Texas

Wigmore, Deedee, Geometric Abstraction: Two Generations, D.Wigmore Fine Art, New York, New York


Dunbier, Lonnie Pierson (ed.). The Artists Bluebook

Grachos, Louis and Claire Schneider, Extreme Abstraction, Albright-Knox Art Gallery, New York


McGowan, Alison C. (ed.). Who’s Who in American Art 2003-04 (25th Edition)

Follin, Francis. Embodied Visions: Bridget Riley, Op Art and the Sixties, Thames &s; Hudson Ltd., London

Davenport, Ray. Davenport’s Art Reference (The Gold Edition)

Fehr, Michael and Sanford Wurmfeld (ed.). Seeing Red: On Nonobjective Painting and Color Theory, Salon Verlag, Cologne

Pagel, David. David Klamen: Paintings, Watercolors, and Drawings, University of Wisconsin Press


Dunbier, Lonnie Pierson (ed.). The Artist’s Bluebook

Gould, Claudia, Debra Bricker Balken, and Ingrid Schaffner. Enda Andrade: Optical Paintings, 1963-1986, Institute of Contemporary Art, Univ. of Pennsylvania

Swirnoff, Lois. Dimensional Color, Second Edition, W.W. Norton, New York


Dempsey, Ann. Art in the Modern Era: A Guide to Styles, Schools & Movements, Thames & Hudson, Ltd., London, Harry N. Abrams, Inc., New York


Brown, Ann Caywood and Elizabeth McClelland. Harmonic Forms on the Edge: Geometric Abstraction in Cleveland, Cleveland Artists Foundation, Beck Center for the Arts

Davenport, Ray. Davenport’s Art Reference

Ascherman, Herbert, Jr. The Artists Project: 100 Portraits of Artists


David, Steven (editor). Color Perception: Philosophical, Psychological, Artistic and Computational Perspectives, Oxford University Press.


Falk, Peter Hastings. Who Was Who in American Art, 1564-1975 (3 volumes)


Rector, Neil K., Floyd Ratliff, and Sanford Wurmfeld. Color Function Painting: The Art of Josef Albers, Julian Stanczak and Richard Anuszkiewicz, in conjunction with exhibition at Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, NC


Griffith, Dennison. The Spirit of Cleveland: Visual Arts Recipients of the Cleveland Arts Prize 1961-1995, Cleveland Institute of Art


Who’s Who in American Art, RR Bowker


American Paintings: An Illustrated Catalogue, National Gallery of Art


Hope, Augustine and Margaret Walch. The Color Compendium, Van Nostrand Reinhold

Dantzic, Cynthia Maris. Design Dimensions: An Introduction to the Visual Surface, Prentice Hall College Division


Fresella-Lee, Nancy. The American Paintings in the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art

Falk, Peter Hastings. Annual Exhibition Record, 1914-68, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts


The American Collections, Columbus Museum of Art

Lodge, Robert. “A History of Synthetic Painting Media with Special Reference to Commercial Materials”, in S. Rosenberg (ed.), Preprints of Papers Presented at Sixteenth Annual Meeting, New Orleans, June 1-5, 1988, American Institute for Conservation, Washington, DC, 1988, pp.118–27.


Cummings, Paul. Dictionary of Contemporary American Artists (5th Edition)

Krane, Susan. Paintings and Sculpture/Acquisitions Since 1972, Albright-Knox Art Gallery


Opitz, Glenn B. (ed.). Mantle Fielding’s Dictionary: American Painters, Sculptors et al.

Who’s Who in American Art, 1986 Jacques Cattell Press


Rand, Harry. The Martha Jackson Memorial Collection, Smithsonian Institute Press

DuPont, Diana and K. Holland. Paintings and Sculpture Collection, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art


Wixom, Nancy Coe. The Cleveland Institute of Art: The First 100 Years, 1882-1982, Cleveland Institute of Art, Cleveland, Ohio


Kranz, Les. The New York Art Review, Macmillan Publishing Co.


Josef Albers: His Art and His Influence, Montclair Art Museum, Montclair New Jersey


Henning, Ed. Visual Logic: David Davis, Ed Mieczkowski, John Pearson, Julian Stanczak, The Cleveland Institute of Art.


Weisberg, Gabriel P. Materials and Techniques of 20th-Century Artists, Cleveland Museum of Art


Baro, Gene. Josef Albers: The Pursuit of Excellence, Yale University Press

Baro, Gene. 30 Years of American Printmaking/u>

In this Academy, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts


Judd, Donald. Complete Writings 1959-1975, The Press of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, Halifax; New York University Press

Mason, Lauris and J. Ludman. Print Reference Resources, Bibliography 18-20 Centuries

Lippman, Jean. Provocative Parallels: Naïve Early Americans/International Sophisticates, Dutton

Smithsonian Archives of American Art: Checklist of the Collection, Smithsonian Museum of Art


Richardson, T. and N. Stangos. Concepts of Modern Art, Penguin Books, Harper and Row

Kuh, Katherine. The Art Collection of the First National Bank of Chicago

Contemporary American Painting and Sculpture 1974, University of Illinois


Lancaster, John, Introducing Op Art, B T Batsford Limited, London


Barrett, Cyril, An Introduction to Optical Art, Dutton Press, England

Praeger Encyclopedia of Art, Praeger Publishers, New York, Washington, London


Bates, Kenneth. Basic Design, New World Publishing

Mendelowitz, Daniel M. A History of American Art, New York: Holt, Rinehart & Winston, Inc.

Weinhardt, Carl J. Jr. (ed.) Catalogue of American Paintings, Indianapolis Museum of Art


Kultermann, Udo. Neue Formen des Bildes, Verlag Ernst Wasmuth, Tübengen


Plus by Minus, Today’s Half Century, Albright-Knox Art Gallery

Schinneller, James. Art/Search & Self-Discovery, International Textbook Company

Weller, Allen S. The Joys and Sorrows of Recent American Art


Rickey, George. Constructivism: Origins and Evolution, George Braziller, Inc.


Carraher, Ronald and Jacqueline Thurston. Optical Illusions and the Visual Arts, Reinhold Publishing Co.

Harold, Margaret. Prize-Winning Paintings, Book 6, Allied Publications, Inc.


Jackson, Martha. Vibrations Eleven, Martha Jackson Gallery

Contemporary American Painting and Sculpture, University of Illinois

1 + 1 = 3, An Exhibition of Retinal and Perceptual Art, The University Art Museum of the University of Texas

Pepis, Betty. Interior Decoration a to z, Doubleday & Company Inc.


Seitz, William C. The Responsive Eye, Museum of Modern Art


Harold, Margaret. ze-Winning Paintings, Book IV, Allied Publications, Inc.


Painter Julian Stanczak: Cleveland Arts Prize, produced by Cleveland Arts Prize, 2011

Julian Stanczak: Great Colorist of the 20th Century, produced by the Cleveland Institute of Art, 2011

WVIZ Interview with Dee Perry, The Sound of Applause

Julian Stanczak: Op Art, The Perceptive Eye, interview with Neil Rector, produced by Barbara Stanczak, 2000

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